Savage Earthdawn

The Story so Far

The Story so far…

You are enjoying a beer in the local tavern

It all started as it often does. In the Tavern. A warm meal, a cold beer and the promise of a hot bath and comfortable bed. Sure does beat a night in the middle of the forest waiting for something to make a meal of you.

A villager bursts into the room screaming about undead and saving the children or some such craziness. Lucky there were a few Adapts in the room who were able to finish their beers and rush out to fend on the off the attack.

In the aftermath villagers watched the group as they discussed what had happened. One of the adepts an older human wearing robes suggests the local kaer as a possible source of the taint.

They packed up, searched out the evil residing in the kaer and defeated it.

The village was safe and their hunger for adventure flared. Parlainth being such a strong draw for young adventurers seeking adventure, glory, treasure and riches is the location they have decided to make their next destination.

Haven & Parlainth

The town of Haven lies on the south east outer wall of Parlainth. For the last eleven years it has been a safe haven for adventures that seek to explore the ruins of the once great city of Parlainth. Every day stories are swapped in the tavern, alliances made and sometimes someone doesn’t come back from an expedition into the lost city.

A horror has tainted local citizens with blood. A chat with a crazy bird lady and a guided trip into the ruins to seek out the horror ended with a wickedly successful defeat of the horror. (What a roll!)

The undead cadaver men of the ruins have shown up to hold a carnival and ended up with a local who gambled his way into their servitude. A nice meeting with the queen of the undead cleared up the issue.

The lone survivor of a failed group expedition into the ruins leads our group to seek out the bodies and keep them from being cadaver men or worse. Strange writings on a wall are discovered to be spells and a few traps were discovered along the way.

Another day in Parlainth will bring further adventure and the hope for riches and wealth to fund further exploration. This evening a group sits around the table in the Restless Troll. The place is packed and all around the packed room deals are being made, alliances forged and gossip spread while a troubadour plays a heroic tune over the evenings chatter.

An ork with a missing front tooth tilts his head and says “That’s nothing. Let me tell you about when I got separated from the rest of my group while following a half assed map drawn by what could only be a drunk dwarf with no appreciation of proper scale to let us know how far to go.”

To be Continued.


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